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Kinetic Immigration is all about you, us and taking action.

Immigration is a life altering process and one of the most important decisions you will make, its serious and personal. We will assess your situation and develop a personal roadmap to get you to Canada. We care about you and providing the best solution to you.


We are the experts in the field of immigration, let us help you. We understand the legal jargon and will simplify the process without losing any detail. We are dedicated to lead and guide you every step of the way.


We inject our passion for immigration law and helping you, into the immigration application process. We inspire you to move toward your dreams by establishing a clear pathway for you to get to Canada. By getting your application correct the first time you can save time, money and unnecessary stress. Our reasonable rates are a small investment towards your big future.

About the Founder

Shervani Pinto (RCIC)
My love for People, Places and Purpose

has ignited my passion for immigration consulting and continues to keep me serving, discovering and growing.


A former career in corporate human resources and expatriate management established the foundation to represent varied clients with their individual needs. Over the years I have engaged with extraordinary people and circumstances and am inspired to continue helping my clients make their dreams to immigrate to Canada, come true.


Born in South Africa and having lived in Germany, the United Kingdom and India, I too have 'walked in the shoes' of many a client as I’ve been through the Canadian immigration application process and various immigration processes to live in my former countries of residency. My approach is authentic and I’m sensitive toward a client's circumstance, culture and geographic location. Once a Canadian immigration applicant myself, I have empathy for and identify with my clients throughout the application process.


Immigrating to Canada promises a new beginning. For some it's just new country, for many it promises freedom, a new home, career and relationships. My personal journey to Canada gave me renewed hope and newfound purpose. On route I gained countless lessons, which I extend to my practice as a licensed Immigration Consultant in good standing with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC).